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About Zofore Sport

Zofore Sport is a US-based medical equipment company that specializes in producing orthopedic braces. These braces are designed for people undergoing rehabilitation for injuries related to the wrist, elbow, or back. Our products are used in everyday life, sports, and other activities that require support and protection for joints and muscles.

Company history

Zofore Sport was founded in 2016 in the USA to help people recover from injuries and prevent further damage. The company initially focused on wrist braces, then later in 2018 we started producing elbow braces too. In 2020, we expanded our product range to include back braces. Today, Zofore Sport is a global brand that reaches more than 30 countries and serves more than 1 million happy customers.

Our Team

Zofore Sport is more than just a company. It is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who work hard to provide you with the best braces and supports for your joints and muscles.

Our engineers use the latest technology and innovation to design and develop our products. They are experts in biomechanics, materials science, and ergonomics, and they have worked hard to make our products meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and comfort. Our medical specialists make sure that our products are safe and effective for your health and well-being. They know the human body well and have consulted with various experts to ensure that our products give the best support and compression for your joints and muscles.

Our Partners

Zofore Sport is a company that values quality, innovation, and collaboration. That is why we partner with the best in their field.

Manufacturing partners provide us with the highest quality materials for our products. Medical partners test and evaluate our products for their safety and effectiveness. is our sales partner which helps us reach a wider market and audience.

Zofore Sport is proud of its partners and their contributions to our success. We believe that our partners are our greatest allies and our products are our greatest achievement.

Zofore Sport Products

Zofore Sport offers products that can help support and protect joints and muscles. Whether you need a wrist brace (Wrist Brace Support with Metal Splint Stabilizer, Wrist Brace with Metal Splint (3 Straps)), an elbow brace (Elbow Brace With Compression Pad, Tennis Elbow Brace & Copper Compression Sleeve Set - Breathable & Safe Wrap, Recovery & Pain Relief from Tennis/Golfer's Elbow), or a back brace (Back Brace Support Belt for Lower Back Pain), Zofore Sport has the right product for you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Zofore Sport is to provide you with the best orthopedic braces that can help you recover from injuries and prevent further damage to your joints and muscles.

Our Success

Established in 2016, Zofore Sport has expanded its reach to over 30 countries, serving over 1 million satisfied customers.