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The Best Wrist Support

Discover the best orthopedic wrist braces for your joint and muscle health. Our wrist braces are designed to provide support, stability, and comfort for your wrist, whether you need to recover from an injury, prevent further damage, or enhance your performance.

Perfect Solution for Your Elbow

Find the perfect solution to support your elbows and enhance your athletic performance with our orthopedic elbow braces. Our braces for elbow are designed to provide essential support and aid in your recovery journey.

Ultimate Back Support

Our products are designed to provide essential support and relief, including the popular lower back brace. Whether you're recovering from an injury or looking for preventative measures, our orthopedic braces for back offer ultimate quality and support.



Our orthopedic braces & supports are made from premium quality lightweight neoprene material that is highly durable and resistant, yet soft and skin-friendly. This breathable material is non-irritating, flexible but strong enough to withstand intensive use. The braces have adjustable Velcro straps that are durable and secure so they won't slip or loosen during use.



Most comfortable and effective
I’ve tried a few other bands for tennis elbow and they either became too hot or uncomfortable to wear. This band worked great and I tend to forget that I’m wearing it.

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Really helps manage tennis elbow pain
I have used this type of brace before and these are just what I need for my tennis elbow pain. They really help while I am trying to stay active during this injury. I also really appreciated the pdf that they emailed to me on tendinitis injuries and how best of manage the healing and recovery process.

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leo rostro

This thing is magic. I lift weights 5x a week, and I started feeling a pain everytime I did bench exercies, or shoulder presses. Any "push" exercise was killing the outside of my arm. I looked it up, and I self diagnosed myself with lateral epicondylitis. (Tennis elbow). I didn't want to stop going to the gym, so I bought this as a try. Oh my. Who would have thought this thing works like magic. I put this on every time I'm at the gym, and the pain is suddenly gone. Great product!!!!!!

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Chris Tofteberg

Affordable and Effective
This device looks too simple to relieve tennis elbow but it does. Mine was excruciatingly painful and lasted several weeks. After four days of using the brace, I'm almost back to normal, less pain. Be sure to read the included instructions on how to use it as it is important to have the band placed right.

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Great! These are the most comfortable tennis elbow brace ...
Great! These are the most comfortable tennis elbow brace that I have found. My job requires a lot of bending of the elbow and picking items up. This brace handles it all while being comfortable. Helps with the pain. I couldn't make it through the work day without this brace!

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Joyce C. Taylor

Relieves the pain in my right wrist
I do a lot of gardening. When I am chopping out weeds or planting a new plant, my right wrist feels it the most. This brace really helps to keep my wrist steady, and provides the support I need to do what I need to do out there. There's a metal plate in there that can be removed. But I leave it in there for proper support. I highly recommend this brace.

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best I have tried
Been thru several wrist supports. Interesting the various designs; some jst didn't make sense (e.g. after wrapping it around the velcro attached to the elastic. It was very difficult to get it undone. Had one that came lose when I bent my wrist a bit) This brand is easy on and off and really gives a sturdy support. Very happy with the fit and the design.

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Sturdy and comfortable
This is the first time in a long time that I have found a comfortable brace, for carpal tunnel, to wear while sleeping. This brace is comfortable, easy to fasten and the straps don't easily fall out of the plastic loops. Allowing for ease of putting it on.

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Immobilizes Wrist w/o Being Uncomfortable
Fits well and not too confining. Some flexibility given it has two straps (vs 3) so good for daytime use where you are using your hand with the injured wrist. I use another more confining immobilizer for night time or to sleep in.

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Very comfortable and supportive
Very comfortable and very supportive, exactly what I was looking for !
Having bought several different types of support before I thought I'd try one last time before giving up.
I need them due to arthritis in my wrists and hands, very helpful for my wrists.

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Guy Incognito

Best brace ever
Best brace I’ve ever worn. Great fit, snug, good quality. Really supportive. After a night of gaming I had no pain whatsoever - went a bought one for the other wrist straight away.

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Chris g

Very comfortable.
I have tried a few different types of supports. And this ones the best for me. It’s easy to put on and so easy to adjust, with only two straps. I get instant relief. I would recommend adjusting the aluminium plate in the strip to make it more comfortable for you. Very impressed thanks.

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Amazon Customer

It certainly helps
I can honestly say that I’m absolutely pleased with these two straps they really do help with me problems that I’ve got so glad I bought them

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P. M. Broomhall

Super Comfy
Bought two wrist braces after I fractured my wrist and this one is fabulous. Very comfortable and the all round support means the whole wrist is held stable. Easy to wear all day and forget I’m wearing it. After two weeks my wrist felt much better and is no longer sore after driving.

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Über Zofore Sport

Zofore Sport is a US-based medical equipment company specializing in orthopedic braces for wrist, elbow, and back injuries, supporting daily life, sports, and activities requiring joint and muscle protection. We use only high-quality materials to produce our orthopedic braces, which has enabled us to gain the trust of our customers and expand our sales around the world. We have grown to become a global brand that serves over 1 million customers in more than 30 countries. Zofore.com, the official website of the brand, is your ultimate destination to discover how Zofore Sport can help you live a better and healthier life.


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