Zofore Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve

Zofore Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve

  • ✔ ENHANCE Increase your speed, jump (vertical and distance), agility, flexibility, and leg endurance with next-gen compression technology.
  • ✔ PROTECT Defend your knees, hamstrings, thighs, groin, and calves from injury with advanced silicone material.
  • ✔ HEAL Recover faster from various knee, hamstring, thigh, groin, and calf injuries with patented therapeutic silicone taping.
  • ✔ WHO NEEDS THIS? Recovering athletes, Muay Thai fighters, and weight lifters.

Product Description

Zofore Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve help strengthen your knee, protect your knee, stabilize your knee, reduce knee swelling and inflammation, and recover quicker—even from knee injuries such as a torn ACL, MCL, meniscus and patellar tendon—with silicone taping infused onto knee compression sleeves. These are the best, most effective knee sleeves.


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